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Driver taking us to Karon beach 
View of the students loaded in the bus 
View of Big Buddha 
Orchidacea Resort

The road to the left rises steeply. I was impressed to see a cyclist ascending the road on a racing bike. 
Evening view from the hotel with the back of Big Buddha on the hill. Speaking of hills the route from the beach to the resort is short. We were across from the Family Mart convenience store. If you go to the store from the beach and take a left on the road across from the store it rises steeply, very steeply. 
Waves splashing on the beach near the resort. The beach at Karon is like a half circle. At each end of the half circle bay there are rocks and high rocky promontory. From the beach the center of the bay has a rocky island. The sand is beautiful. There's also abundant shade, at least during the morning while we were there. Most of the beach faces west so it's a great place for sunsets. 
The large conference room where the magic took place. We had 70 students from two schools in this single room. They worked very well in those confines. We had asked for additional space to break into smaller groups but only one room was available. We did have one activity at the beach which was a 5 minute walk away. They also did filming at the beach.